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About Us

Creative Framing was started in 1989 as a custom Frame shop in Leesburg, VA. Today, our business has expanded to include picture framing for the Government, Corporations, Web fulfillment, and e-commerce. One of our brands is American Stamp Art, the products on the UniqueFramedGifts.com website. From our inventory of over 7 million stamps, we use the appropriate stamps to help tell a story of a hobby, achievement, or profession. Each frame is made here in the United States where we have found the best material to create high-quality products with great value. As a small business, every order is important to us. We pride ourselves in the quality of work and customer service. We believe that customer satisfaction is the key to our success. With that said, if you have any issues with any of our products, please contact us and we will do anything in our power to make things right. We appreciate your business.


About Our Products

Originally conceived over 160 years ago as proof of payment for postal delivery, stamps have become so much more. Miniature, detailed works of art, stamps create a connection to the history of our nation, celebrate achievements and honor the worlds, great heroes and pioneers. American Stamp Art captures the art and history of the stamp with a unique line of framed art collectibles celebrating a diverse range of professions, hobbies, historical figures, interests, and themes.

Unique Framed Gifts are handcrafted works of art. Each distinctive piece is a creative arrangement of authentic, often historic, canceled stamps related to a theme along with interesting facts about the subject matter, all captured within quality finished frames and mats. Unique Framed gifts cover just about every topic you can imagine. From lighthouses to railroads and accountants to dinosaurs, there's a custom piece for every enthusiast. With over 6 million canceled stamps in inventory and over 600 different products, you will be sure to find what you are looking for.