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Lineman's Pole Strap Personalized Patent Art

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Lineman's Pole Strap Personalized Patent Art

Creative Framing
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A Perfect Gift

  • Great for Birthdays, Retirements, Graduations, Achievements, Holidays, Or just to say thank you.
  • Each framed patent comes with a personalized engraving.
  • Even great for your personal collection.

Ready To Hang

  • Framed in high-quality frames.
  • Complete with acrylic glass, a dust cover for the back, a sawtooth hanger and protective wall bumpers.
  • The outside of the frame measures approximately 15 x 19 inches.
  • Each frame comes with a personalized laser engraved plate, which is chosen to match the mat and the frame.
  • All text will be sized to fit the plate and centered. Each plate can have a maximum of 4 lines with 40 characters per line. Examples can be seen below.


A patent is a right given to an inventor by the federal government. That patent prevents others from making, selling or using the invention without the permission of the inventor.

Drafts of these inventions are now being used as works of art to decorate the walls of the general public.

All patents come with a personalized engraved plate allowing each patent to be highlighted in a different way at the customer's preference. In addition to personalizing with engraved plates, we offer a variety of different colors and styles. As framed art, these unique pieces make perfect gifts for graduations, birthdays, retirement and a number of other occasions.

Patent Information

A conventional pole strap is generally of relatively stiff but flexible material, and is attached by snap hooks at its ends to rings on the lineman's body belt. In use, the pole strap is passed round the far side of the utility pole or the line to be climbed, and supports the lineman at a working position. When climbing the pole, or descending, the lineman adopts a side to side rolling movement while flipping the strap up and down between successive positions as he climbs up or down the pole. In order to support the lineman if he loses his footing on the pole, such pole straps are commonly fitted with braking means which are intended to engage the pole and support the lineman while he regains his footing.

This draft was filed with the US Patent Office in 1992, under the Patent Number US5141074

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