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Movies - Personalized Unique Framed Gift
Movies - Unique Framed Gift

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Size: 14 x 18
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Each frame uses authentic US Postal stamps surrounded by a brief write-up and printed art, which embrace the subject or occupation.

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A Perfect Gift

  • Great for Birthdays, Retirements, Graduations, Achievements, Holidays, Or just to say thank you.
  • Even great for your personal collection.

Ready To Hang

  • Framed in a rich mahogany colored polystyrene frame.
  • Double matted with a top mat and a hint of burgundy for the bottom mat.
  • Complete with acrylic glass, a dust cover for the back, a sawtooth hanger and protective wall bumpers.

Unique Framed Gifts uses real United States Postal Service stamps surrounded by printed words that embrace the subject and enhance the work while surrounded by a hunter green top mat and a hint of burgundy for the bottom mat. The mahogany colored polystyrene frame comes ready to hang for all to view in an office, den, school or nearly anywhere. A truly unique and perfect gift created for the person, company or organization passionate about the story they closely relate to, while appreciating quality work by dedicated American art framers. Each stamp is pulled by hand and mounted onto the print with a spray glue mount, since most stamps are canceled no two stamps are exactly the same and the product you receive may vary slightly from the product image.

A Glimpse Of The Past Through The Movies Collection: The Silver Screen has provided a significant portion of the entertainment in our society and those involved in the early pioneering, innovative develoment, musical scoring, production and acting deserve the gratitude of those who appreciate theirparticular roles. GABLE, CLARK (1901-1960) was born in Cadiz, OH. His virile magnetism made him a star for 30 years. LEIGH, VIVIAN (1913-1967) was born in Darjeeling, India. The immortal lines in Gone With The Wind occur at the very end. “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn!” and “Tomorrow is another day!” KERN, JEROME DAVID (1885-1945) born in New York City, became a most famous composer of musical comedies. His greatest play, with Oscar Hammer-stein in 1927, was Showboat. Also composed Look For The Silver Lining (1920) and Smoke Gets In Your Eyes. FAIRBANKS, DOUGLAS (1883-1939) silent film star and cofounder of UA Films in 1919. His charm and swashbuckling are remembered in The Mark Of Zorro (1920), The Three Musketeers (1921), Robin Hood (1922), The Black Pirate (1926), and The Private Life Of Don Juan (1934). GARLAND, JUDY (1922-1969) born in Grand Rapids, MN debuted at age three singing Jingle Bells. Will always be loved as Dorothy in The Wizard Of Oz. Her energy was boundless, and at her death Ray Bolger said, “Judy didn’t die of anything, except wearing out. She just plain wore out.” PORTER, COLE was born in Peru, IN (1893) and began the study of piano and violin at age six. His first hit was in 1928 when he wrote the score to the show Paris, and the rest is literally history; Don’t Fence Me In, My Heart Belongs To Daddy, Night and Day, Love For Sale... FIELDS, W.C. (1880-1946) famous for his hard drinking braggarts in films such as Tillie’s Punctured Romance (1928), and My Little Chickadee (1940). Did a serious character, Mr. Micawber, in David Copperfield (1935). ETHEL, JOHN AND LIONEL BARRYMORE were born in Philadelphia and represent probably the greatest family of stage actors in theater history, as well as the motion picture industry. GRIFFITH, D.W. (1875-1948) born in LaGrange, KY. made over 500 films, the first in 1908. His feelings for the artistic narrative, composition, lighting and dramatic editing established the art of film in the United States. ROGERS, WILLIAM PENN ADAIR (1879-1935) born in Oologah, OK, is remembered for his good humored social critism, his trick roping, many vaudeville films, radio talks, several books, as well as a syndicated newspaper column. He died in an airplane crash in Alaska. DISNEY, WALT As far as making a multitude of movies and being a prodigious early creator of new techniques, no one can match Walt Disney. His endeavors and businesses have resulted in a contribution to both live and animated movies that continues long after his lifetime. WAYNE, JOHN (1907-1979) was one of the most enduring successful stars in film history, with a debut in Salute in 1929. He starred in all manner of films but is probably best remembered for westerns including Stagecoach (turned down by Gary Cooper) and True Grit (1969). COOPER, GARY (1901-1961) was born in Helena, Montana, and was considered ... “the greatest film star there has ever been.” His best friend was Walter Brennen, who came with him to California in an old Buick Roadmaster. Hemmingway insisted he play the lead in For Whom The Bell Tolls (1943). Beau Geste was 1939.

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