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Republican Presidents

Republican Presidents - Personalized Unique Framed Gift
Republican Presidents - Unique Framed Gift
Republican Presidents
Republican Presidents

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Republican Presidents

Size: 14 x 18
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Each frame uses authentic US Postal stamps surrounded by a brief write-up and printed art, which embrace the subject or occupation.

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A Perfect Gift

  • Great for Birthdays, Retirements, Graduations, Achievements, Holidays, Or just to say thank you.
  • Even great for your personal collection.

Ready To Hang

  • Framed in a rich mahogany colored polystyrene frame.
  • Double matted with a top mat and a hint of burgundy for the bottom mat.
  • Complete with acrylic glass, a dust cover for the back, a sawtooth hanger and protective wall bumpers.

Unique Framed Gifts uses real United States Postal Service stamps surrounded by printed words that embrace the subject and enhance the work while surrounded by a dark blue top mat and a hint of burgundy for the bottom mat. The mahogany colored polystyrene frame comes ready to hang for all to view in an office, den, school or nearly anywhere. A truly unique and perfect gift created for the person, company or organization passionate about the story they closely relate to, while appreciating quality work by dedicated American art framers. Each stamp is pulled by hand and mounted onto the print with a spray glue mount, since most stamps are canceled no two stamps are exactly the same and the product you receive may vary slightly from the product image.

A Glimpse Of The Past Through The Republican Presidents Collection - Beginning with Abraham Lincoln, shown here are all theRepublican Presidents honored with a postage stamp at this point in time. Abraham Lincoln Born 2/12/1809 Hardin County, KY. Was a lawyer before serving from 1861 - 1865. Wife - Mary Todd. Vice Presidents - Hannibal Hamlin and Andrew Johnson. Ulysses S. GRANT Born 4/27/1822 Point Pleasant, OH. Was a soldier before serving from 1869 - 1877. Wife - Julia Dent. Vice Presidents - Schuler Colfax and Henry Wilson. Rutherford Birchard HAYES Born 10/4/1822 Delaware, OH. Was a lawyer before serving from 1877 - 1881. Wife - Lucy Ware Webb. Vice President - William A. Wheeler. James Abram GARFIELD born 11/19/1831 Orange, OH. A lawyer before serving in 1881. Wife - Lucretia Randolph. Vice president - Chester A. Arthur. Chester A. ARTHUR Born 10/5/1830 Fairfield, VT. A lawyer before serving term of President Garfield from 1881 - 1885. Wife - Ellen Lewis Herndon (Died before becoming first lady.) Benjamin HARRISON Born 8/20/1833 North Bend, OH. A lawyer before serving from 1889 - 1893. Wife - Caroline Lavinia Scott. Vice President - Levi P. Morton. William McKinley Born 1/29/1843 Niles, OH. A lawyer before serving from 1897 - 1901. Wife Ida Saxton. Vice President - Garret A. Hobart and Theordore Roosevelt. Theodore ROOSEVELT Born 10/27/1858 New York City, NY. An author and rancher before seving from 1901 - 1909. Wives; Alice Hathaway Lee and Edith Kermit Carow. Vice President Charles W. Fairbanks. William Howard TAFT Born 9/15/1857 Cincinnati, OH. A lawyer before serving 1909 - 1913. Wife Helen "Nellie" Herron. Vice President - James S. Sherman. Warren Gamaliel HARDING Born 11/2/1865 Blooming Grove, OH. A publisher before serving from 1921 - 1923. Wife - Florence Kling DeWolfe. Vice President -Calvin Coolidge. Calvin COOLIDGE Born 7/4/1872 Plymouth Notch, VT. A lawyer before serving from 1923 - 1929. Wife - Grace Anna Goodhue. Vice President - Charles D. Dawes. Herbert Clark HOOVER Born 9/10/1874 West Branch, IA. An engineer before serving from 1929 - 1933. Wife - Lou Henry. Vice President - Charles Curtis. Dwight David EISENHOWER Born 10/14/1890 Denison, TX. A soldier before serving from 1953 - 1961. Wife - Mamie Geneva Doud. Vice President - Richard M. Nixon. Richard Milhous NIXON Born 1/9/1913 Yorba Linda, California. A lawyer before serving from 1969 - 1974. Wife - Patricia Ryan. Vice President - Spiro T. Agnew and Gerald R. Ford. Gerald FORD Born 7/14/1913 Omaha, NB. A lawyer before serving from 1974 to 1977. Ronald Wilson REAGAN Born 2/6/1911 Tampico, IL. An actor before serving from 1981 to 1989. George Walker BUSH Born 7/6/1946 New Haven, CT. Gov. of Texas before serving. Wife - Laura Welch.

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